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Private Surfing Lessons

Quick Details


One-on-One Surfing Lessons in Newcastle

One-on-one lessons are by appointment only and are available for surfers who have had some lessons previously. We do advise doing some group lessons first if you have never surfed before. This way your group lesson teaches you the fundamentals and surf safety, then your one-on-one lesson can focus on your progression.

You can bring your own equipment or we can supply it. The lessons focus on your technique, wave knowledge, fine-tuning your equipment, information on our local beaches and how they work day to day, fitness and stretching, how to improve your turns, take-offs, wave selection, how a different surfboard can change the way you surf, and different types of waves.

The lesson time and beach are scheduled to suit the surf conditions, factoring in your ability, the tides, the wind, and the swell size and direction.

What to Bring

All you need is your swimwear, a towel, sunscreen, and a positive attitude!

What’s Provided

All equipment is included in the lesson price: surfboard, wetsuit, rash vest, leg rope, and your surf coach.