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About Us

Licensed with Surfing Australia

Our Story

Learn to Surf Newcastle has always been a mobile operation to provide quality surf instruction at the most suitable beaches around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Our primary locations are Blacksmiths, Caves, and Stockton beaches, and we have licences for beaches from Stockton to Catherine Hill Bay with loads of options to choose from.

As no beach in Newcastle is “safe” all the time, we may need to travel to find the right beginner wave for your lessons. It is not as simple as just going to any beach and paddling out. Every surfer will tell you it’s all about the tides, the swell direction, the sandbanks, and the wind. Just like fishing, you need a plan.

Owner Miles Niddrie grew up in Aviemore, Scotland, with ice hockey and snow skiing as his favourite sports. Arriving in Newcastle in 1977, his passion for surfing began and has never stopped. There were no surf schools back then, and surfing was a self-taught sport. Luckily we now have surfing instruction available for everyone to get proper education on water safety and surfing safety.

Surfing looks easy but is not easy to do. Miles has coached since 2003. We offer advanced coaching as well; just like a golf swing, your surfing can always improve with some technique adjustments!

Coaches and Staff

Miles Niddrie

Owner, Head Coach

“Learning to surf is a skill for life and there is so much more to surfing than just standing up on a board. Just like learning to swim or snow ski correct technique is the key. Surfing is my passion and coaching surfing is my full time job. I’m there in the water for every session building your confidence and surf safety education is a big part of every lesson I conduct. So make a lifestyle choice to become a surfer and surf for the rest of your life! I have friends still surfing in their late 60’s and 70’s, surfing really is the fountain of youth and I’ll teach you to love it just as much as I do.”

Asha Niddrie

Surf Coach

Asha has been surfing since she was a toddler. Her passion for the ocean has her studying at Newy Uni with a Marine and Coastal science degree.
She is also the youth Ambassador for Save Our Coast and Surfrider both groups of great people working to keep our coast environment safe for future generations.

James Roper

Surf Coach

James has been a valuable member of our team since 2019.
He’s also a DJ! so when he’s not surfing he’s spinning discs.


Surf Coach

Toby is a local surfer and footballer

Meg Ward


Meg is at uni doing Physio and is a local surfer with tons of experience.

Lucy Niddrie

Surf Coach

Lucy like her elder sister has surfed since she was toddler. Currently at uni and sharing the stoke with the Surfgroms kids. She’s also a singer