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Surf Groms

Weetbix Surfgroms is a national learn to surf and surf safety education program for ages 5-12yrs. It's all about building confidence and teaching the safe way to use our beaches in a non-competitive based progam. Every session has new skills and more information for the kids to learn. Adults will also get great tips on our local beaches and how to spot the hazards, like rips and dumping waves so please join in with the kids. I teach the importance of timing your beach visits to tides and surf conditions to make sure the kids are in the water at a suitable beach and in water the correct depth for their age. Available all year round, join a program anytime. Each child gets a great pack from Quiksilver and Weetbix.

 Link to Surfgroms listings : Learn to Surf Newcastle Surfgroms

I use safer softboards of different lengths so the kids can try out a range of boards to get the 'feel' for what best suits them when looking at buying their own. Wetsuits are supplied winter and summer, full length suits when required for every child. 5 skill levels with logbooks to tick off new skills as the child progresses. My own children have been doing this program since it started in 2011 and are stoked on it, their confidence and awareness of beach safety has grown every session. Come along and check out a session at a variety of locations across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Sporing Schools programs can be oganised with your Primary School during or after school.

4 day programs running every week during School holidays, 1.5 hours per day. ($140pp for 4 day, plus rego fee set by Surfing Australia $25pp )

Ages 5-8 and 9-12yrs

Weekend Saturday or Sunday programs 6 sessions $150pp plus rego

After school 7 week programs $175pp  plus rego

Groups are up to a max 15 with 3 coaches for all programs. 1:4 ratio for under 9yrs and 1:5 for 10-12yrs.

All lessons are conducted by the surf school owner for consistent and expert instruction.

Sessions are timed to surf conditions and tides to ensure a safe and confidence building lesson every time. Kids enjoy the experience much more when they are in shallow water around waist deep for their height. Timing the sessions and beach is by far the most important element in running the Surfgroms program. It's just not as simple as hitting the same beach every week at 9am!

Every surfgrom receives a Weetbix/Quiksilver grom backpack full of goodies, great value for just $25 rego fee.

Adults can have a go too. Why not have a try as well and get the whole family surfing!

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